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The Route tab inside a quotation lets you manage all the information related to the route of the trip.

In the date and time field, press the calendar icon or use the arrow below key to open the new component to enter the data.

You can immediately modify the Date without further clicks, while to go to define the Time, just press the TAB button on the keyboard.

When you enter the house, it’s not necessary to write in a specific format, for example 10:00. You can also write a single part of it, such as for example 09, or 945 and the system will automatically recognize (entering 09:00 and 09:45 automatically.)

To finish, press Send or Continue to confirm the data entered.

If you don’t want to specify a precise hour, or don’t yet know it, press on the Hour not defined button and work only on the date of the route.

The hour won’t be shown in the booking or in all the general documents.

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