Software to track the expenses incurred during
the services of cars and coach hire

Sengerio’s simple system of tracking expenses transforms your business management into child’s play. You will always know what you spend and how much your profit is, without losing yourself in the middle of boxes full of receipts.

Start tracking expenses

Track expenses of the booking

You can stop worrying about remembering every single detail of the expenses of the trip. Manage all expenses incurred in an orderly manner, within the booking.

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Expenses - Track expenses of the booking
Expenses - Don’t lose the receipts anymore

Don’t lose the receipts anymore

Looking for and transcribing receipts is a waste of time. Let the driver simply take a picture of the receipt and Sengerio will take care of saving it for you.

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Analyze the profit of a booking

With Sengerio, you always know if your booking has generated the profit you expected. See the variations on your expenses to handle them better in the future.

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Expenses - Analyze the profit of a booking
Expenses - A complete overview in a few seconds

A complete overview in a few seconds

Speed up communication with the accounting office. One click and Sengerio generates the full report of all the expenses incurred during a trip, at any time.

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Other functions for managing expenses

  • Expenses in any currency
  • Keep your receipts in the cloud
  • Print of all expenses
  • Specify the driver reimbursement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sengerio let me preserve the receipts?

Certainly! Take a photo, attach it to the expense and Sengerio preserves it in the cloud for you. You can retrieve it at any moment.

With Sengerio, can I print an expense report?

Obviously. Just a simple click to be ready to print the detailed expense report related to a trip, any time you want.

Can I compare planned expenses with actual ones?

Sengerio does it for you! You do not need to calculate anything by hand and you can just read the report of the changes in expenses, along with their effect on the profit.

Can I associate the parking receipt with the booking?

Yes, it is very easy! Your driver just has to take a photo of it and attach it to the booking from his smartphone. The same thing applies to any other expenses related to the trip. However, the accounting office can enter the expenses by hand.

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