We have transformed the complicated activities of coach hire and car company into a simple and natural activity. The sales manager, operation managers, drivers and customers working in a team! Everything is coordinated and the quality of services grows incredibly.

Quotations, Bookings & Expenses

Calculate prices from price list, confirm reservations and track expenses.

Calendar & Visual Scheduler

Assign vehicles, drivers and assistants and visualize assignments to reduce downtime.

Drivers & Assistants

The driver view the calendar, share the status of the trip and the vehicle, accept online payments.

Online Collaboration

Create your own network of selected suppliers and manage ongoing shared relationships.

Invoicing & Payments

Generate customer invoices and online payments, check the supplier invoice.

Vehicle Management

Monitor expiry dates for insurance and licenses, as well as scheduled maintenance.


Display charts of overall performance and analyze the key aspects of the business volume.

Activities Reporting

Get an overview of the travel assigned to vehicles, drivers and suppliers.


Use the functions of the best systems for maps, online payments and communications.

Get amazing flexibility in the planning of vehicles and drivers.
Create your own network of suppliers and share reservations to work in teams.

Sengerio platform handles booking, scheduling, creating and managing invoices, reporting,
managing vehicles and drivers, and more, all in the same platform”

Simple and reliable

Sengerio is an intuitive and interactive online system. Its robust software and hardware architecture guarantees the greatest reliability.

Modular and safe

Sengerio is a stimulating experience thanks to the management tools shared between modules and to the security and privacy guaranteed in the data management.

Instant access

Internet access from any device. Freely go with a PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Lorenzo is a fan of Sengerio. Read why …

I discovered Sengerio and I can confirm that it is an exceptional program, unique of its kind.
It is extremely dynamic, powerful and precise in management of services.
We have also changed the way of thinking in communication with the employees. Now it is no longer my headquarters that passes the service information to Drivers. It is they themselves who, through the tablet or smartphone, connect to Sengerio and control the services assigned to them in real time, greatly reducing the time of passage of the information and the margin of error.
The Sengerio team willingly listens to advice to improve together the way we work. Thank you Sengerio!

LorenzoOwner Cattazzo srl - Verona
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