Features of passenger transportation software by Sengerio

Discover the powerful features of passenger transportation software by Sengerio and unleash the potential of your company.

Quotations and bookings

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Quick quotations

Avoid losing time. Make a new booking in a minute inserting the little information necessary and add the rest when you want.

Confirmation with one click

Transform a simple quotation into a real booking instantly. Sengerio reuses all of the information you have inserted.

Routes without limits

Do you have to record a route that has many intermediate stages. With Sengerio you are free to define all the points that you need.

Features of passenger transportation software- Quotations confirmation

Automatic calculations

Don’t lose your head in accounts. Sengerio does all the calculations for tax, discounts and totals for you.

Notes for the customer and the driver

Record of the internal notes of your bookings to communicate important information.

Internal notes

Add internal notes to the booking in the office, to remember any operation detail and, if necessary, set the reminder to be notified in time.

Quotation requests from the site

Accept requests for quotations through your website. Sengerio lets you create a customized request form with a simple copy and paste.

Attachments always accessible

Easily attach files to your quotation or to your booking, view them wherever you are and make them visible to your drivers on their smartphone.

Duplicate bookings and quotations

Save time. Sengerio lets you duplicate bookings and quotations already made, and then adapt them to the specific case.

Repeat bookings

Do you have a service that is repeated more than once? Easily repeat it for the time period that you need, thanks to Sengerio.

Language support

Do you have a customer who doesn’t speak your language? Choose the one you need and send the document in a way that is clear for him.

Second driver management

You will be free to model the duties according to the requirements of a single trip. Add a second driver or use more vehicles from inside the same booking.

Complete and professional documents

Insert your logo and choose from different layouts to send documents that reflect the quality of your business.

Features of passenger transportation software- Quick Quotation

Preview the document

Avoid ugly surprises. See exactly what your customer will see before sending the email.

Use of assistants

Does one of your services need a guide or an assistant? Create a dedicated assistant duty and manage him the same as others.

Analysis of a booking

Take control of the expenses of your trips, compare all your expenses, and analyze in detail whether or not a service has generated a profit.

Tracking the booking

With the app, the driver can show you on the map the actual time and place of pickup and drop-off times of the customer.


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Building your network

Create a personal network of travel agencies and transport companies to grow your business, without limits.

Personal profile

Describe your business, add a photo that represents you and make yourself known to other members of the Sengerio community.

Map of companies

Take advantage of the simplicity of the map to search for new partners from the companies in your area of interest.

Job offers

View the offers from your connected customers. Take those that you consider to be advantageous or try a counter-proposal for a better price.

Quotation requests

You receive request from the other companies or travel agencies in your network, and propose your price to be awarded the service.

Features of passenger transportation softwareMap of Companies

Record of conversations

Don’t lose the flow of information. With Sengerio, the conversation between you and your customers and suppliers are directly associated with the bookings, without having to use the telephone or email.


The graphic interface to control your services and manage their coverage with drag and drop


The graphic interface to control your services and manage their coverage with drag and drop

Automatic calculation of availability

Every time that you want to cover a duty, Sengerio calculates for you the commitments of your resources and suggests only those that are available.

Features of passenger transportation software Assign with Vehicles

Assignment to suppliers

You have to do a trip but all your resources are committed? Take advantage of all the occasions anyway and farm-out the service to a supplier.

Flexible management of duties

Assign resources with a simple click and change the duties of your bookings as many times as you want.

Fast communication

Communicate the service details to all of your drivers and suppliers with a single click.

Trackable communication

You will be able to check if your emails have arrived at their destination and exactly when they were read.

Read confirmation

With Sengerio, you have an intuitive system to know at a glance if your assignments have been read or not, whether you are talking about the drivers or suppliers.

Shared rides

Do you have bookings that include similar routes and times? With Sengerio, you will be able to handle it easily with only one shared vehicle.

Management of groupings

Sengerio lets you create all the group that you want to subdivide your resources and organize them as you want.

Attestation of activity

Sengerio automatically produces the documents required by your drivers according to the specifications of CE 561.


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Preserve receipts

Thanks to Sengerio, just take a photo of a receipt to save it in the booking and it is always available in the cloud.

Record driver’s expenses

Stop waiting for the receipts to arrive on your desk. Let your drivers record them directly from Sengerio Driver.

Track expenses incurred

Every trip has expenses. For this, Sengerio supplies you with a clear record of all those incurred.

Expense variations

The profit of a trip is not what you expected? Sengerio gives you a simple report of all the variations on your planned expenses, and their impact on your earnings.

Currency support

Track all your expenses without distinction. Sengerio allows you to specify the currency for each of them.

Features of passenger transportation software Receipt of an expense

Quick invoicing

Leave the hard work to Sengerio. Quickly invoice a booking with a click and don’t write anything by hand.

Grouped invoices

Do you have to invoice a lot of bookings together? Decide how to group them and automatically issue a summarized invoice.

Request payment online

Receive payments immediately. The customer only has to press a button to pay with his credit card.

Features of passenger transportation software Send automatic reminders

Automatic reminders

Leave it to Sengerio the burden and effort of reminding your customers that there are expired invoice to pay.

Invoice due date

Easily set a due date for your invoice and specify a possible deferment. In this way, your customers will be clear about when you want to be paid

Payment details relative to the customer

Define the payment instructions only once for every customer. Sengerio will automatically use this in creating new invoice.

Duplicate invoices

Avoid repeating bills that you have already made. Simply duplicate an invoice and change only what’s necessary.

Preview of the invoice

You can always be sure of the contents that you want to show to your customers before sending an invoice.

Documents in multiple languages

Meet your customers in a way that makes paying you easier, thanks to an invoice in the language your customers’ prefer.

Easy to read statements

Make Sengerio count and concentrate on your results. Keep an eye on amounts collected or unpaid for each client.

Credit notes

Create credit notes without worrying about recalculating anything. Choose the invoice to reverse and Sengerio will do everything for you.

Supplier invoices

Keep everything in order. Organize all your invoices in a single place, those that you send to your customers and those that you receive from your suppliers.

PA Invoice

Export your invoices to Public Administration in XML format with one click.

Features of passenger transportation software Quick invoice bookings


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Accept credit cards

Use Sengerio and have them pay with a credit card to speed up the collection of payments.

Record of payments

Keep detailed track of all the payments received for each trip. Additionally, the pre-payments recorded on the booking are automatically transferred to the invoice.

Driver collection notices

Communicate to the driver the amount that he has to collect from the customer and he can register the payment directly on his smartphone.

Single payment for many invoices

Did you receive a single payment for many invoices? With Sengerio, distribute the entire amount without having to manually record the payment for each invoice.


Do you have materials that you don’t want to lose about a payment? Simply attach all the documents or the photos that are necessary.

Features of passenger transportation software Get payments with Stripe

Due dates

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Vehicle due dates

All the due dates related to your vehicles will be kept in order for you, and Sengerio helps you to not forget any.

Human resource due dates

Let Sengerio remind you when your driver’s documents are expiring.  You will be alerted at the right time without useless worry.

Blocking due dates

Avoid traveling with a document not in order. Set its due date as blocked and Sengerio will stop assigning the resource that it belongs to.

Features of passenger transportation software Automatic due dates renewal

Automatic renewal

Sengerio not only reminds you of your due dates but can also decide to renew them automatically.

Options on availability

When you option a trip, Sengerio alerts you of the expiration in advance, and you are in time to remind the customer.


Replace post-its and notes on your desk with reminders from Sengerio. Nothing will escape you anymore.

Driver App

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No installation required

Sengerio Driver can be used on any device without having to install anything. Just open the browser and you are on your way.

Data always updated

Whatever change you make to your services are immediately visible to the driver, and vice versa.

Weekly Agenda

Sengerio Driver supplies the drivers a simple interface to view all the services with a week.

Record of expenses

Every time that a driver incurs any expense, he will have a way to photograph the receipt and enter the amount.


Save your time. The refuelings will be recorded through Sengerio directly by the drivers that did them.

Features of passenger transportation software Sengerio Driver weekly Agenda

Vehicle inspections

Give your drivers a simple and effective tool to note the results of vehicle inspections.

Trip documents online

Don’t print documents unnecessarily. Make them accessible to the drivers by attaching them to the reservation.

Complete trip information

You can throw out old modules. Your driver can communicate to you the actual presence and distance covered by the vehicle conveniently from his smartphone.

Passenger list

With Sengerio Driver, the driver will always know where and when to do the pick-up and drop-off for each passenger.

Notification of the arrival of the driver

The driver can send an SMS to the customer to alert him that he is arriving at the place of pick-up, all with a simple button.

Track the stages of the trip

During the various stages of the trip, you will have a way to know the time and position of your driver, following the progress of the trip on the map.

Features of passenger transportation software Sengerio Driver step tracking

Leave requests

Simplify the communication between you and your drive and manage their leave requests conveniently through Sengerio.

Maintenance records

Keep the list of maintenance on the vehicles. You can always check the details of each of them and view the attached documents.

Vehicle downtimes

Thanks to Sengerio, you can record the downtimes of your vehicles and have a complete view of their management.

Penalties and accidents

When something goes wrong, you can still count on Sengerio. Keep the data on penalties or accidents organized and attach the necessary documents.

Features of passenger transportation software Define inspection checklist


With Sengerio, it is always simple to manage all the information related to your vehicle and always keep them updated.

Activity report

For each vehicle, you will always have a simple report to check the individual activities and the number of working days.

Pre-assigned driver

Associate a pre-defined driver to a vehicle. Sengerio automatically assigns him when you use this vehicle for a service.

Inspection reports

Always keep control of the results of all the inspections of your vehicles thanks to the always updated list.

Inspection details

View the result of each check, with actual photos attached from the driver.

Notification of a bad inspection

Instantly view inspections with a bad result to intervene promptly.

Custom checks

You decide what checks to make and you can specify how to make them so that your vehicles are always ready for a trip.

Double check

During the trip, anything can happen. Configure the checks separately for what should be done and after the trip.

Rate Tables

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Transfer rate

Create your transfer rates using the points and areas on the map.

Tour rates

Freely draw particular areas on the map and use them to define the prices of your full day or half day tours.

Flexible rates

The calculation of the total price is determined from different factors.  With Sengerio, you decide the individual elements that will compile it.

Additional expenses

Just specify the route to automatically calculate the cost of parking for the airports.

Reserved rates

Create specific rates for certain customers. Sengerio will understand when to use them in the price calculation.

Features of passenger transportation software Use rate tables


Use the same rate table for different customers. With Sengerio, you can apply customized discounts to every one of them.


Record the supplements that you want for time ranges or special days.  Sengerio will make all the calculations for you when you choose the rate table.

Quick use

Sengerio will calculate the rates for you and will only show you those that are compatible with your trip. Just select one.

Duplicate the rate tables

Do not waste time repeating a job already done. Start from a previously created rate table, duplicate it and adapt it to the situation.


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Business volume of bookings

Analyze the total and average volume of your bookings, along with the profitability of the distance traveled.

Business volume of customers and suppliers

Build your business with balance. Check the importance that each customer and supplier has for your business and act accordingly.

Business volume of the vehicles

Analyze the activity done by your vehicles in detail, and keep under control how much down-time they have off-site.

features of passenger transportation software Booking volume on dashboard

Definition of time period

Do you want to see the data of the last week or the whole year on the fly? With Sengerio you have no limits and you choose the time period you like.

Compare with a previous time period

Compare current data with those of another time period and you’ll always be able to understand your business trends.

Detailed data analysis

Sengerio provides you with a simple graphical interface to analyze the data present in the graph to simplify your work even further.

Human resource statistics

You can immediately understand what your employees have done in a given period, to organize them best.

Business Partner

Fiduciary management

With Sengerio, you will be able to register a credit for your customers and keep any over-exposure under control.

Commercial relationship

You will immediately know the volume generated by each customer and each vendor in the last year, along with the total of unpaid amounts.

Business partner notes

Remember every detail of your customers or suppliers. Record in one place all you could help you  to maintain a good relationship with each one of them.

Contact information

Manage all your contacts of your customers and suppliers and you will always know who to talk to about the trip details and who to talk to about invoices and payments.

Easy to update details

Sengerio makes child’s play of changing any information of the customers and suppliers, to always keep them up to date.

Features of passenger transportation software Simply fill Business Partner details

Import from Excel

Do you have an electronic record of your customers and suppliers? Don’t lose time unnecessarily. Sengerio lets you import all of them with one click.

Human Resources

Human resources records

Manage the information about your human resources and easily keep them up to date.

Contract management

Easily annotate all the contracts. Sengerio makes it so that a resource cannot be assigned if it is outside a contract period.

Document Management

Record employees’ documents in Sengerio or upload them as attachments and create an electronic folder for your human resources.

Features of passenger transportation software Quick update human resources

The Board

Show important communications directly to all of your employees, thanks to the online business board.


Consult any time period for the details of all of the activities done by your drivers. In the same way, check their absences.


Integration with Stripe

Thanks to Stripe, you can receive online credit card payments, and without needing any additional equipment.

Integration with Twilio

Twilio is a platform integrated in Sengerio that lets the driver automatically send an SMS to a customer with a simple touch.