Software to create transport rate tables
for your transfers and tours

Sengerio’s transport rate tables transform the choice of price into an extremely simple job.
You will have the ability to customize each aspect of your rate tables and simply click to apply them.

Access Sengerio Charters

Using your tariffs has never been so easy

It is essential to always choose the right price. Stop using huge data tables – configure your rate tables in Sengerio and use them with a click.

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Rate tables - The best price anywhere you go

The best price anywhere you go

On the map, define the distances of your transfers or the area of your Tours. When making a booking, Sengerio selects the correct rate according to the route.

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Put your rates on

What are the elements that make up a price? You decide. Customize every aspect, from cost to miles to driver’s time, and Sengerio will calculate the total for you, based on the details of the trip.

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The best price for every customer

Do you have special agreements with some of your customers? Create rate tables specifically for one or more of them, or simply apply a discount. With Sengerio, it is easy.

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Add supplements to your rates in a clear and simple way

Traveling at night or on holidays can cost more. Automatically manage your hourly or special-day supplements in the same rate table and Sengerio will take it into account when calculating the price.

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Other tools to create your own custom rate tables

  • Prices by section
  • Define the areas of your tours
  • Automatic calculation of additional charges
  • Specific rates by vehicle type
  • Apply discounts and supplements
  • Definition of the minimum price
  • Cost Management
  • Rates per passenger

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up transfer rates?

Obviously. All you have to do is choose your departure and arrival on the map and specify the appropriate price for the vehicle types to which the rate table applies.

Can I configure the rates for tours?

Certainly. With Sengerio you can define all the elements that contribute to determining the price of your tours, such as the hourly rate of the driver or guide, and you can differentiate between half day, day, and several days.

Does Sengerio provide reserved rates for customers?

Yes, you are free to reserve any rate table for one or more of your customers and, for each of them, you can decide whether to apply special discounts or not.

How can Sengerio help me manage night or holiday supplements?

An important feature of Sengerio’s transport rate tables is that it is possible to specify in a simple and detailed way the hourly supplement per week or for special days of your choice.

Can I manage rates for a geographic area?

Of course you can. Draw all the areas you want in the map and use them as zones of interest for your rate tables to define the departure and arrival of the transfer or the tour area.