The software to create your bus company’s customer and supplier transport network

Sengerio lets you become part of a continually growing community. You will realize how easy it is to become a provider for travel agencies, tour operators, and be affiliated with passenger transportation companies. And you will ask yourself how you ever worked without it.

Access Sengerio Charters

Go beyond current constraints and make yourself known

Use Sengerio to become part of a transport network. Create your profile, add a photo and talk about your company. A good profile is what you need to be recognized.

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Transport network
transport network

Connect with bus service companies

Expand your transport network. Find the companies on the map in the areas that interest you. Connect with them through Sengerio to create your own network of suppliers.

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Grow your workload

Get a new source for jobs. Keep track of all the offers from your partners, take the best ones or make a more advantageous counter-offer.

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Simplify the work with your suppliers

Communication is the key to success. For this, with Sengerio you have all of the conversations associated with a booking in one place, organized and easily accessible.

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Follow your trips, also when entrusted to others

Do you need to know if the service was provided correctly? With Sengerio, you can check the times and positions of the various stages of the trip given to a supplier.

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transport network

Other functions to take maximum advantage of your transport network

  • Accept job offers
  • Affiliate with other transport companies
  • Quotation requests
  • Simple and clear conversations
  • Become a supplier for tour operators and travel agencies
  • Assign jobs to suppliers

Tech Talk

“Sengerio is making things easy for the bus charters and their travel partners.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a travel agency, will Sengerio work for me?

Of course it will work for you! This is exactly the component that distinguishes Sengerio. In fact, you can easily build a personal network of suppliers to distribute all transfers and tours.

Can I manage the transportation for a large event?

Certainly! Whatever the number of bookings to manage, with Sengerio you keep them in order effortlessly, and pass all of them, or a part of it, to your suppliers. Make your organization scalable.

How much can I expand my transport network in Sengerio?

Connect with whoever you want without worrying. Your network has no limits and you can be as big as you want.

Do my suppliers have to purchase Sengerio to connect?

No, it’s free! Whoever uses Sengerio only to receive services as a supplier can do so in a completely free way without having to buy any license.

Can I publish the services that I have to cover?

Certainly! Use the Sengerio board of job offers. Ask your suppliers for a quotation for a service, or propose a price defined by you to carry out the service.