The leading seat reservation app for your transport company

Provide the best passenger experience in the business with Sengerio Booking. The seat reservation app that secures and organizes seat reservations of all your transportation services.

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Simplifying the seat reservation process

Sengerio Booking upgrades how you manage seat reservations like you’ve never seen before. Automate and optimize the way in which you manage seat reservations for your passengers.

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Simple and effective smartphone app

Convert travellers into passengers. By simply downloading the app, travellers become your passengers by reserving their seats in seconds using Sengerio Booking.

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Maximize your transport company’s efficiency

Not only can your passengers relax, now you can too. Keep your services under control and effortlessly manage the flux of passengers using your transport services.

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Prioritize your passengers’ experience

Your passengers can relax when using your services by guaranteeing their seat is reserved thanks to Sengerio Booking. Seat reservations are communicated directly to Sengerio’s system, automating the entire process.

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Applicable to all modes of transportation

Transportation beyond limits. Sengerio Booking is applicable to all forms of transport, including everything from bus charter services to transfers and employee transportation.

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How Sengerio Booking App works for passengers

The Sengerio Booking App boasts a simplistic interface to facilitate how passengers arrange to travel. To reserve their seat they simply need to:

  • Create and verify an account using their smartphone
  • Select the transport company they want to travel with
  • Insert the locations of their arrival and departure, including the date of their journey
  • From the list of available services, choose which service to travel on.
  • Check-in to notify the on-board staff that they are present for the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can travellers download the app?

Sengerio Booking is available for android devices in the Google Play store. Travellers can download Sengerio Booking in seconds by accessing the app store on their device.

Do travellers have to purchase Sengerio to connect to transport services?

No. Travellers simply have to download and make an account on the Sengerio Booking app and they can reserve their seats on transport services directly.

How can travellers be sure that their seat is guaranteed?

Once a travellers books their place on Sengerio Booking, they instantly receive a confirmation of their booking on the App.

Does the Sengerio Booking App automatically update seat reservations on Sengerio?

Absolutely! Once a passenger books their seat on a journey, the information is relayed directly into Sengerio. You know instantly when a passenger boards your services and gets off.