About Michele Zaccaria

Michele Zaccaria is the CEO & Founder of Allbus. With his desire to improve things, Michele loves to build Sengerio (simple online bus charter and limo software). Being a minimalist, he loves to surround himself with interesting people and to listen.
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6 Marketing Tools for the Charter Bus Industry

Empower your transport company with these marketing tools for the bus industry. Follow the customer. If there’s one golden rule for companies in the charter bus industry, this is it. Relying on the old methods of reaching customers and connecting with them is no longer an option. You have to be... read more →
Oct 23
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Aug 02

How to Improve the Driver Recruitment Journey

Simplify the driver recruitment process by learning from a leading recruitment agency. It’s very easy to think of head-hunters as hard-bitten salespeople who take no prisoners in their mission to find the right talent. Working for soulless corporations and drinking far too much caffeine, they do whatever it takes. Fortunately,... read more →
Jul 18
Sep 29
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Be born and prosper for over 40 years

We talked to Business Development Manager Juan Iraola To Create a Case Study On How 'London Travel In' Works. There are not that many transport companies that can trace their roots back over 40 years, but London Travel In has just such a history, thanks to a well-timed business acquisition... read more →
Aug 30
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