Account Premium

With Premium you have access to additional Sengerio functionality for the management of bus charter, minibus and car. Join now and get a Premium Full account for 14 days as a free bonus. Take advantage of the offer right away and at the end of the bonus period you can choose whether you wish to renew the Premium account or continue to use Sengerio free for an unlimited period of time. Pricing

Scheduler for vehicles and drivers

Assign bookings for private and shared hire to vehicles and drivers. The scheduler is the tool that offers you a schematic display of the vehicles, drivers and their assignments, and a grid that lists the duties not yet covered. To keep an eye on the next upcoming tasks change the view, choosing between daily, weekly and monthly or try the zoom function to get more details.


With Sengerio you can issue your invoices based on one or more bookings. Use the grouping option to create an invoice automatically for multiple bookings with a summary of the individual bookings. In addition you can modify the description for each individual line and add invoice lines not directly linked to the bookings. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can easily manage all the VAT rates and you can use parallel numbering for your invoices, creating personalised series. Finally the invoice can be printed or sent to the customer by email directly from Sengerio. The payment management section supplies an overall view of the unpaid invoices and with one click you can send a request for payment.

  • Invoicing of individual or grouped bookings
  • Personalised invoicing of any type
  • Credit notes
  • Management of payments on account and final invoices
  • Statement of payments and reminders

Sengerio Driver

Sengerio Driver is a web app for iPhones, Android and Windows Phone. The driver reads his duties on his smartphone or tablet and any tour schedule, while the operator can see if the duties have already been viewed by the driver. The driver can also record payments, expenses, refuelling and lots of other information about the journey and the vehicle.

  • List of assigned bookings
  • Refuelling and distance travelled
  • Notifications about vehicle checks
  • Effective start and end of the driver task
  • Recording of every type of cost incurred

Mobile version

The daily diary is always on hand. Access Sengerio with your Smartphone to change or assign the drivers and vehicles at any time. You can also assign the booking to a supplier and verify the supply information quickly and intuitively.

  • Web application for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone
  • Display of the daily task list
  • Coverage of private and shared hire services
  • List of vehicles and drivers available
  • Assignment of tasks to vehicles, drivers and suppliers
  • Details of bookings and information on supply

Credit card

Sengerio integrates with Stripe, a payments provider that enables you to accept credit and debit card payments. With Stripe the credit card details are transmitted and processed in accordance with security standards. Sengerio integrates with Stripe in the invoice form and enables you to process the payment with the credit or debit card or you can send the invoice to the customer with the 'Pay with card' button.

  • Take cash with credit/ debit cards
  • Send the invoice with the 'Pay with card' button
  • No setup, monthly or hidden fees. Learn more


Sengerio integrates with Slack, an app for sending and receiving messages with your team. You can send messages and files directly from Sengerio to all the drivers, to a particular group of them or just to a single driver. Real-time conversations available in a single App.

  • General communications for the whole team
  • Conversations with an individual driver
  • Native apps Slack for iOS, Android


Sengerio manages the list of vehicles in use, the downtime and deadlines. The vehicles can be fitted out with all types of equipment and all work carried out is recorded in the maintenance diary.

  • Management of the list of vehicles in use
  • Input and notification of deadlines
  • Input vehicle downtime
  • Service diary
  • Management of refuelling
  • Uploading files relevant to the vehicle
  • Activity reports for vehicles with various criteria for sorting and filtering

Human resources

On Sengerio input all information for each employee. A single window enables you to have easy access to the data, to modify and add contracts, to record absences. With the aid of the report you can have a complete picture of the situation at any point in time.

  • Management of personal data
  • Document timetable
  • Management of rights and qualification visits
  • Initial configuration and ending the relationship
  • Reports on activities performed, that can be sorted, filtered, exported and printed
  • List of personnel with all possible criteria for sorting and filtering

Join now and get a Premium Full account for 14 days as a free bonus.